Gestión de Problemas (Problem Management)

Goal The goal of the Problem Management is the avoidance and reduction of faults as well as the fast and effective solving of problems. In this way, the targeted use of resources will be ensured. Tasks

  • Problem Control

o Problem identification and recording

        o Problem classification and assignment
        o Problem analysis and diagnosis
        o Identification of temporary fixes (workarounds)
  * Error Control
        o Error identification und recording
        o Error assessment, drawing up of alternative solutions
        o Determination of the selected solution, initialisation of the Request for Change (RFC)
        o Post Implementation Review (PIR)
        o Tracking and monitoring the implementation of the solution (Change Mgmt)
  * Pro-active Problem Management
  * Reporting


  • Continuous and more stable IT services
  • Higher user productivity through the reduction of downtimes
  • Higher productivity of the Support employees
  • Avoidance of faults
  • Reduction of the effects through the use of recordings of earlier problems
  • Better relationships between users and IT services due to the higher quality of the services
  • Optimised control over the services through improved management information

Critical Success Factors

  • Will for the improvement of the quality and stability of the service
  • Available know-how
  • Minimum impact on the service due to the processing of the problems
  • Reduction of the costs for the user in the solving of problems
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